Sniping away on the 100 Club and the cable car

A bit of a vanity post this, but never mind – you’ll find me in this month’s copy of London freebie Snipe spouting off about the battle to save the 100 Club, probably the last decent sized venue in the West End. It needs £500,000 to guarantee its future – or it’ll end up going the same way as the Astoria, the Wag, the Metro, and so on.

You can find Snipe online, and in plenty of good London pubs and venues, including the Greenwich Union, which should give you the excuse to go down there for a beer.

Closer to home, I’ve also done a piece for Snipe’s website on the latest developments on the Greenwich cable car, after TfL submitted planning applications for the scheme. It all looks rather nice – but it’s no answer to the very real problems faced by anyone trying to cross the river at this end of London. (Nor is the Silvertown Link, before anyone starts, but that’s by the by.) I’ll be returning to that on this website soon, I hope.

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  1. Saw one of the best gigs of my life here.
    Silversun Pickups in (and don’t hold me to this) August of 2007 I believe.

    Such a brilliant venue, with an intimacy that only a handful of venues like some of the Barflys can give.

    Would be a real shame to see it go 🙁

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