Greenwich Council cycling survey, plus a bike buddy scheme

See, as I prove in the photo to the right, having a bicycle is your key to freedom, to be able to travel to all kinds of exciting places at the same time as improving your own fitness and stamina.

Like this jaunt to the back end of Lewisham, for example. You can’t say I don’t live the high life, although riding down Lewisham Hill has its thrills. Don’t even ask about trying to get back up again.

But if you’re a cyclist, what would make your life easier – and if you’re not a cyclist, what would tempt you onto two wheels? A group of Greenwich councillors is looking into the issue, and they’ve published this survey so they can get an idea of what people think.

From what I can gather, they’re approaching this with an open mind, so this is one council Q&A that really will get listened to – so have a go and tell them what you think. I’ve already submitted mine, and nagged them about the Thames Path approaches and North Greenwich, they’ll be delighted to hear.

Meanwhile, if you’re rusty on your on-road cycling (like me) and want an experienced cyclist to join you on a regular commute – or want to help a new cyclist out – fellow SE London blogger Marmoset has set up a “cycling buddies” to help new riders get a bit more confidence. You’ll find it here, and since it began in Deptford there’s plenty of routes from SE London into town.

(12NOON UPDATE: I’ve just noticed that committee of councillors is meeting on Tuesday night – 7pm, Woolwich Town Hall – and it’s open to the public, should you want to say hello and contribute.)

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