Good news on the Thames Path

At last, some welcome news on the Thames Path around the site of the old Tunnel Refineries plant (aka Amylum, Tate and Lyle, and Syral) – closed in March to enable the east Greenwich landmark to be demolished. The closure was due to last 12 weeks, but has so far lasted 34 weeks and was aggravated by the destruction of the old walkway at Lovell’s Wharf.

Well, this blog hears that weather permitting, the path through the old Tunnel Refineries plant will be ready for use by the end of November. Part of the river defence wall is being rebuilt, and two new lamp posts are also being installed.

That will just leave the Lovell’s Wharf section closed at Banning Street. With little sign of any fresh construction work there, it’s up to developer London and Regional Properties to pull its finger out and give us our path back.


  1. Gosh – you didn’t waste much time putting that up, did you?? In the gaps between emailing half Peninsula Ward about the path I have been reading Greenwich architecture commentator and blogger, Owen Hatherley’s new book. (Owen, I will do a local review, honest! but I have a friend who admires your work and he wants to read it first). Anyway – re. the late silos on the riverside path – Owen describes them as “concrete grain silos that would make Corbusier weep in admiration” – there, Owen, and it was the French who pulled them down.

  2. That will indeed be good news – when it happens. I walked the last bit of the Thames Path with a friend who’d walked the whole length of it and was somewhat embarrassed that what should have been the majestic end to her endeavours involved a detour via Tunnel Avenue.

  3. Hi, does anyone know whether or not if the Thames Path which has been closed for the demolition at the Syral site has reopended? I used to drive down from Kent to do a 5 mile walk along the Thames – I don’t want to drive down again to find the path is still closed…any updated info would be appreciated. Thanks

  4. does anyone know if the path from enderby’s wharf past the demolished silos is open yet? thanks

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