Crap cycling in Greenwich – the blocked cycle lane

Just a reminder that if you’re a cyclist or non-cyclist, there’s a survey on Greenwich Council’s website into what would make cycling easier in the borough, or what would help you get on two wheels.

With another hat-tip to Crap Cycling in Waltham Forest, I can quickly show an example of something which is well-intentioned but really doesn’t help, as this blog takes a rare excursion to Eltham.

Bexley Road, the main road out of Eltham towards Sidcup and Blackfen, should be pretty intimidating for the newbie cyclist – it’s an A road with some pretty fast traffic speeding down it. But it benefits from having a fairly wide cycle lane on it – I rode down one Sunday with no fear whatsoever. On Wednesday, despite heavier traffic, it was the same. It was great. Hats off to whoever at the council came up with this. But then it all comes shuddering to an end…

Oops. Beneath that line of parked cars is a cycle lane. The cars presumably belong to people working on the rebuild of Crown Woods School, a council-backed project taking place to the right of where I stood to take the photo. So where no car parking has been provided by one arm of the council is undermining the good work of another arm of the council. Is there any point in having a cycle lane that can be used as a car park?


  1. No shortage of crap cycling moments in Greenwich. One of my favourites is the crazy cycle “path” on Charlton Road which veers suddenly onto the pavement where there is a bollard in the middle of the road – and then straight back into the traffic stream immediately after – with a Give Way sign FFS! I hope that no cyclists try and use that particular “facility”.

    Another one is the ridiculous cycle lane in the footpath up/down The Avenue in Greenwich Park. Hard to imagine anything more dangerous. When it first went in, I did point out how dangerous it was, but the Royal Parks weren’t interested – they were more concerned to ensure that it blended in with the surroundings than whether people might be injured or killed.

  2. Surely the best thing to do in that picture is put a nice cycle lane next to the pavement thus segregating cars, cyclists and pedestrians as I see all over Europe.

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