Christmas comes to Charlton

Out and about on a photo-taking excursion for the Charlton Champion, and what did I find?

Christmas has arrived in Hornfair Road, SE7. With a day short of six weeks to go, is this London’s earliest domestic festive extravaganza?


  1. There’s a place in Broad Walk, Kidbrooke that’s had its lights up for the past week too.

  2. I’ve been surprised by how many houses have kept last year’s displays up all year. But I suppose it means fewer people falling off ladders this year – they only have to turn a switch and see if the house lights up or catches fire…

  3. We put our decorations up last monday…and normally we put them up on Hallowe’en so not even close to the first 🙂

  4. Why apologise, Ian? Is it exceedingly tacky?

    Steve – if the Broad Walk one is the one I’m thinking of, it’s done for charity. I’ll go and investigate…

    Marmoset – there’s a few who’ve had the lights up all year round, indeed. In fact, I think this house might have been one of them….

    Rich – why so early? Is it a reaction to the clocks going back?

  5. Darryl
    Yep, that’s the one, although there’s another one across the road that normally puts out about 1kW too, but I haven’t seen that one this year yet.

  6. Those lights in the pic stay up all year just not switched on all year obviously. Im not sure of the date they do the big switch on but that road does have a bit of competition on whose is the best. I heard Feed the World on the radio today in a shop. Grim.

  7. An attempt to get that feel-good Christmas feeling as early as possible…works occasionally.

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