Olympics will bring CHAOS!, er, Olympics chiefs warn

Thanks to Diamond Geezer for his heads-up about Olympics organisers warning that we might as well just all bugger off in summer 2012 is going to be a bit sticky, to say the least.

For those of us south of the river, there’s special maps for “Canary Wharf” (and Greenwich town centre and Deptford), “Greenwich” (but which is really just east Greenwich), Woolwich (and Charlton), Lewisham (and Brockley) and Blackheath. For all the others, head here.

A lot of this is just common sense – Woolwich Arsenal station will be busy. Greenwich, Cutty Sark and Maze Hill stations will also be busy. So will North Greenwich. There’s some sensible things in there, like dates when the stations will be the busiest. But overall, the message is of doom – especially if you live between Greenwich and Woolwich and are thinking of using any sort of rail service. Jubilee Line? Avoid. DLR? Avoid? North Kent line? Essential journeys only.

While I’m fully prepared for things to be a bit sticky at Charlton, it’s surely not going to be much beyond what locals are already used to, after 10 years of Dome/O2 usage and fortnightly usage by thousands of football fans. And I’m a bit concerned that Maze Hill, with its rickety footbridge, will have trouble coping. But Westcombe Park – delays of up to an hour? Really?

They’re even predicting delays at sleepy Ladywell, south of Lewisham and Crofton Park, at the bottom end of Brockley. I imagine LOCOG is merely sharing its worst “just in case” scenarios – so after the summer is over, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and pat them on the back for their excellent work. But by warning great chunks of London to avoid using public transport altogether, they’re adding to the impression that the people of the capital are simply an inconvenience who’ll get in the way of the chief executive of Coca-Cola’s journeys between dinners venues – just like they did when they moved the marathon route out of the East End.

After all, aren’t we meant to be promoting Greenwich as being open for business as (sort of) usual during the games?

In other Olympics news, the protester who damaged course markers in Greenwich Park is claiming a “moral victory” after the CPS dropped charges against him.


  1. For Greenwich, the busiest period will be during the Park’s events, a whopping three days of them.

    And as they are work days, most of us will be at work while the rest might just be enjoying the Olympics.

    I think some people are getting a little shrill and panicky over not very much.

  2. Aren’t there already massive delays on the line through Maze Hill and Westcombe Park – I assume the quoted hour is on top of any existing delays.

    The bit that confused me though was “The following summarises what is currently predicted to happen without action by businesses to reduce the number of journeys.”. They aren’t clear as to what actions they expect ‘businesses’ to take – but presumably they mean asking employees not to bother turning up – effectively, any travel nightmares won’t be the fault of the Olympics but will instead be the fault of local businesses, who selfishly expected to be able to stay in business…

  3. So, Jubilee, DLR and North Kent lines will be busiest ‘Between 8-11am and 4-8pm’. So if you live in Greenwich and work elsewhere, you should (in theory) be OK as you’ll be travelling in the opposite direction. However, if you have the misfortune to live elsewhere and work in Greenwich, don’t bother.
    So even those of us that want to go about our daily lives with no interest in the games will not be able to as there will be no Staff in the shops……
    Thanks Olympics, thanks a lot…….

  4. Indeed – so might FA Cup ties, rugby matches, lock-ins for the Ashes, grab-a-granny nights at Khazi’s in Croydon, bar mitzvahs, open mic nights, swingers’ parties, T-Mobile endorsed flashmobs, people sitting in baths of baked beans for children in needs, Daily Telegraph editorial meetings, – bugger, I’m hiding under the stairs until 2013.

  5. Living near Westcombe Park Station, I am reminded of the chaos and crowds we were warned about when the Millenium Dome was to be opened for a year. Funny, it never turned out that way.

    May be busy on event days (consider what happened when Charlton had huge crowds)but those of us who need to carry on as usual will cope (or keep our heads under the duvet).

  6. So for a known in advance 3 days it’ll be like it was for a fortnight last winter in the snow? That, I can live with.

    Terrorists targeting Olympic tie in events? How convenient for a Government that doesn’t want to fund them. We’d better ban the Royal wedding too then

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