Greenwich Council’s essential delivery beats the snow

Actually, to be fair, the pavement outside my house appears to have been gritted, which is good.
For more on Greenwich Council services in the snow, click here. For Lewisham’s latest, head here.

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  1. We currently handle the door to door distribution of GT for Greenwich Council. With the harsh weather we do give our staff the opportunity to stand down if they feel it may be a Health and Safety risk, but I have to say they have a great work ethic and felt they could work through the snow. It inevitably slowed down the speed at which they would normally work – but we got the job done.

    I do feel that a great many people saw the bad weather as an excuse to have a few days off. In our current economic plight, we need to all start working a little harder, buying from our local shops and businesses and get the Great back into Great Britain.

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