‘The brightest sound in London town…’

As a reminder that there’s more to life than snow and trains (although I’m increasingly being driven barmy by the difficulty in getting around in the SE7 tundra), here’s something I’ve done for Snipe on London’s most famous radio station ceasing to be a London radio station – Goodbye Capital Radio.

It’s worth a look if only for the brilliant photo which I wish I’d chosen myself. It’s even funnier than the one on the right.

You can also pick up the print version of Snipe in the Greenwich Union and all good venues and pubs in London. And maybe some crap ones too. Boom-tish!

As a directors’ cut extra, though, you might like to peruse this selection of cheesy 70s and 80s jingles – firmly implanted at the back of my head from the days when it only seemed to play Islands in the Stream by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. A little more startling, considering how bland Capital is nowadays, is a whole hour of Mike Allen’s pioneering hip-hop show from 1986, including the obligatory ad for Queensway furnishings and films being “all over London now”. It’s too cold for bodypopping, though…


  1. It never really recovered from replacing Pat Sharp (woo-woo) with Steve bloody Penk. Then again, I always preferred Michael Aspel.

    I heard a few clips of Pat Sharp’s show on a site a few weeks ago. It was so over the top, like he was trying to play every jingle at once.

    Who’d have thought Mike Allen would end up on Saga Radio? If he’d played some of his hip-hop it might still be going.

  2. I heard Mike Allen on Smooth Radio a couple of years ago and he sounded bored out of his mind. I enjoyed his work doing phone-ins on LBC years ago.

  3. His phone-ins were the first time I ever listened to LBC – I wanted to see if it was the same Mike Allen who used to be on Capital. He was a good phone-in host the first time round, but the last few times I heard him he had got too bogged down in horoscopes, psychics and the like.

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