Ravensbourne students begin ‘work-in’

Ravensbourne 'work-in'
Ravensbourne students are starting a “work-in” tonight as they join the wave of protests against plans to increase tuition fees.

Protest organisers say over 100 students are staying the night in the college’s new building on the Greenwich peninsula, and are warning the college faces the complete withdrawal of its government funding if the government gets its way.

They say staff are backing their protests – and that if the House of Commons passes the tuition fees bill on Thursday night, then more action will come.

I couldn’t get access to the “write-in” myself – they’ve agreed with security not to let guests in – but I had a chat with protest founder Zac Atkinson and student union president Sam Duckett, who discussed the issues as they affect Ravensbourne. Zac speaks first.

When I left, I asked Zac how long he’d they’d be staying for. He replied: “Until I get my dissertation done…”

The protesters can be followed on Twitter at @RaveAgainstFees and on Facebook.

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