Greenwich Time: Greenwich Council responds to government


  1. Sheeeeesh.
    If this person had the internet, then I’m pretty sure they would not need to rely on the GT for their TV info.
    And they probably wouldn’t need to read the GT at all.

  2. If they had Freeview they’d get the EPG giving them programme information. Haven’t we had switchover yet?

  3. I’m reminded of the council debate on this where Greenwich West Labour cllr Maureen O’Mara said GT was designed to be “supportive and encouraging”, and thinking then the council leadership obviously presumed the borough was populated by cretins.

  4. @stuart – don’t think the switchover (i.e. turnoff) is due till 2012 round here. Also, people without an external arial will have difficulties. I live on the 3rd (top) floor of a block (in Lewisham) and couldn’t possibly get Freeview due to reception issues.

  5. Switchover in London is in 2012, although the vast majority of people now have some kind of digital system.

    While Greenwich Council evidently believes the distribution of television listings is a core responsibility, just about all analogue sets will be able to get them for free via Ceefax (which still functions).

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