Boxing Day strike closure for North Greenwich Tube

There’s unlikely to be any Jubilee Line service through North Greenwich on Boxing Day following Thursday’s High Court ruling that a strike by rail union Aslef can go ahead as planned.

London Underground says the line will only run to a reduced frequency between Wembley Park and Green Park, leaving no service at all through east and south-east London.

The dispute – which does not involve the RMT or TSSA unions involved in other recent strikes – centres on pay for working this Boxing Day.

Southeastern has withdrawn its limited Boxing Day service this year, although buses and the Docklands Light Railway will run as planned.

London Underground managing director Mike Brown said of the union: “By holding Londoners to ransom in this way they are showing complete disdain for all who want to visit family and friends or hunt a good bargain during what is one of the busiest shopping days of the year.”

Without getting into the whys and wherefores of the dispute, I wonder if he’d accuse Southeastern and other mainline train companies (including TfL’s own London Overground) of “holding Londoners to ransom” by also refusing to work on Boxing Day?


  1. There’s a bit of a difference between *initiating* and
    *perpetuating* here. ASLEF are deliberately taking away a service
    that previously existed (I’m also not going to get into rights and
    wrongs of the dispute, but that is the effect of what they’re
    doing). If LU tried to close Boxing Day services to save money,
    then they would also rightly attract masses of flak for it. The
    TOCs, including SET and LO, are merely continuing with what British
    Rail did and what everyone expects (BR abolished Christmas and
    Boxing Day services between 1960-1975, except in Scotland where
    that would have led to mass Presbyterian lynchings of BR
    management). I’d support a change back to the pre-1960 system, but
    that’s something to lobby the DfT about bringing in, rather than
    anything to do with SET, or even TfL.

  2. Why should the head of London Undergound comment on services like Southeastern or the Overground, services which is not accountable for? He’s keeping to his brief, as well he should.

  3. He actually is accountable for London Overground…

    And indeed… “Mike was appointed as Managing Director for London Rail in November 2010 and is responsible for integrating National Rail services with London’s transport network.”

    (But he’s as accountable for Southeastern as he is the Tube unions. Neither ASLEF nor Southeastern want to work Boxing Day unless it’s worth their while. Who’s wrong?)

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