853′s top 10 posts of 2010

One, last rueful glance at 2010… the most-read new posts on 853 of the past 12 months.

1. News Shopper rewards anti-gay rant with a prize (26 August 2010)
(An almighty ding-dong which ended up harming the paper’s finances as well as its reputation. I wonder if the new year will see a change of direction for the News Shopper?)
2. 2011 fare rises: Now we’ve all been screwed by Boris (20 October)
(I wonder if this is all financing a pre-election fares freeze for 2012?)
3. Road accident at Blackheath Standard (23 September)
4. Could snow failure end Southeastern’s franchise early? (2 December)
(Of all the posts on Southeastern to have attracted huge page views, I’m intrigued as to why this did so well. It’s probably because there’s so little information out there on the whys and wherefores of the cursed company’s contract.)
5. Inside the Thames Tunnel (12 March)
(Strange to think I was wandering along railway tracks I now ride on without a second thought.)
6. Southeastern snow failure: Commuters’ patience snaps (10 January)
(The first time Southeastern failed its customers in the snow. It didn’t learn the lessons.)
7. News Shopper signs up the Paedofinder General (9 November)
(South-east London’s loopiest local paper provokes more head-scratching.)
8. Greenwich Council still messing about with our river (5 June)
(Democracy Greenwich-style – don’t consult with local people, Great Plans get announced on telly.)
9. Get well soon, Danny Baker (1 November)
(Hopefully 2011 will see a return to health for the Candyman.)
10. Southeastern boss to be summoned to Westminster (1 December)
(I can’t work out if there’s a demand for information about Southeastern, or if people simply feel the need to vent about it. Maybe it’s both.)

I’ve stripped out last year’s stories, or these would be in the top 10…

* South-east London as seen on Pathe newsreels (4 August 2009)
Still popular almost a year and a half after I posted it. The moral of the story? People like local history.
* Blow Up returns to Charlton (18 May 2009)
A post which is long out of date, but demonstrates the film’s hold on its fans. Perhaps one to revisit on The Charlton Champion during 2011.

After a personally eventful 2010, fingers crossed we’ll get out of 2011 alright. Happy new year.


  1. I know this is based on page views, but what were your favourite posts? The most enjoyable ones to write?

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