Blimey Rodders, it’s Greenwich Spring!

One of the best things about Christmas for me? Being able to kick back and watch one of my favourite Only Fools and Horses episodes, Mother Nature’s Son – otherwise known as “the Peckham Spring one”.

On Boxing Day, I found myself splashing towards festive drinks courtesy of a leaking water main on Trafalgar Road, Greenwich. Despite the late hour, I let Thames Water know its precious liquid was flowing all down the road; indeed, with temperatures well below freezing that night, it seemed important to do just that.

I next passed there on New Year’s Eve… when the water was still flowing. I took a photograph of this bubbling spring of New Year optimism, but didn’t get the time to put it up. I let Thames Water know again. They told me they were on the case. Again.

On Tuesday night, with the festivities safely behind us and a new year well under way… it was still flowing. Thames Water have been told again… but there’s no news of when it’ll be fixed.

What to do with this source of liquid emerging onto the A206? “This time next year, we’ll be millionaires…”


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