Thames Water helps Greenwich Spring to keep flowing

Perhaps this time next year, we’ll be millionaires after all. An update on the bubbling brook of water flowing down Trafalgar Road, Greenwich, courtesy of Thames Water.

It’s still there. I thought I’d first reported on Christmas Eve, but checking back it was actually on Boxing Day. So it’s been there for 12 days rather than 14. But I’m definitely not the only one to have reported it. The Greenwich Phantom has done the same. Indeed, the Phantom used the new-fangled Twitter to report it.

And early on Friday evening, this was the response…!/thameswater/statuses/23463435735932930

Unfortunately, this was the scene at 11pm…

Does Thames Water really know what’s going on with its mains?

UPDATE Monday 13:45: It was finally fixed on Saturday night.


  1. I went past it early this afternoon. It looks like they’ve finally managed to put the plug back in the bottom of Arches’ swimming bath. And as a replacement they’ve installed a bit of cross-country pavement and laid down a nice damp sand and grit facility in the gutter but at least it’s plugged up for now.

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