Greenwich Council cuts: Maryon Wilson Park petition

In case you haven’t already seen it at the Charlton Champion, there’s a petition to save the Maryon Wilson Park animal centre, which faces having its £43,000 funding cut by Greenwich Council from April next year unless it can find a sponsor.

So far, it’s gained over 200 signatures, with many pointing out how many local schoolchildren benefit from the centre. Get over there and sign it, the rest of this post will still be here to read when you get back.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the power to find some of the cash to save the animal centre lies a bit more locally than many think.

As mentioned several times on this blog, Greenwich Council spends nearly £30,000 each year on a mayoral inauguration ceremony at the Old Royal Naval College. Most councils don’t bother with this, and have a short ceremony in their own council chambers.

The next mayor will be Kidbrooke with Hornfair councillor Jim Gillman – the current deputy mayor. His wife is Charlton councillor Janet Gillman, in whose ward Maryon Wilson Park lies. It’s fair to say the Gillmans are Greenwich Labour’s nearest equivalent to royalty, having clocked up decades of civic service between them, particularly around Charlton.

It’d be a lovely gesture if Jim Gillman declined to have a big mayoral ceremony in his honour – enabling the council to help plug the gap in funding for the animal centre.

Just a thought.