West Greenwich: Calm down, calm down

What did I know about the traffic calming consultation? Nothing until I saw that sign outside the Greenwich Union yesterday. But I do know about it now – some ideas to ease the anger of the residents of some of Greenwich’s nicer back streets after the council unveiled its flawed plans to turn most of west Greenwich into one big gyratory system so part of the town centre can be pedestrianised.

The West Greenwich Conservation Area Residents Association has shared its thoughts on the proposals, and they’re not particularly impressed. You can see an exhibition at Devonport House between now and Tuesday, and the CARA group are holding a meeting at the Prince of Greenwich pub on Monday (that’ll be a busy night in there with the Greenwich Union shut for a day…)


  1. I noticed a CARA poster up yesterday in Downtown Greenwich – or is that Downvillage Greenwich? And then I forgot. Still, tomorrow’s another day…

  2. The organisation calling themselves CARA purports to speak for the residents of West Greenwich. It doesn’t. It is a couple of very vocal people unhappy about the volume of traffic outside their houses. They want to shift that traffic to someone else. I have lived in West Greenwich for 20 years, these people do not speak for me.

  3. There seemed to be quite a few people at their meetings. I would suggest that they are trying to limit the number of people who use the unsuitable back streets of West Greenwich to avoid queues on the A2. Why anyone would oppose this I do not know.

    There seems to be a strange envy from Non West Greenwich residents or resentment of new arrivers to the area from longer term residents.

  4. CARA seems to be doing a reasonable job of telling residents about stuff the Council appears to want to bury behind bogus consultations. Reducing traffic on residential streets in West Greenwich doesn’t seem like such a bad thing. Maybe Tintinhaddock would like to see an increase in traffic there. Or something. Who knows.

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