Tour the Dome with the BBC – 11 years on

I was delighted by the response to yesterday’s post about the threat to the BBC’s internet archive – if slightly perturbed how quickly someone spotted the failed site I was involved in, and how many people clicked through to look at it. I’ll never get a proper job now…

Here’s a bonus treat which mixes both old BBC website content and super south-east London stuff. Presenting BBC News Online’s virtual tour of the Millennium Dome, which I actually dimly remember being made.

I wasn’t involved in that project, but this was A Big Deal then – using all that Apple Quicktime felt daring in those days of dial-up and slow speeds. But it was suitably futuristic for the dawn of the 21st century, eh? There was even a webcast! It doesn’t seem as if the Real Player stuff works any more, so sadly that may be lost for ever, denied to the producers of a future I Love 2000 programme.

For all the slating the place got, it’s worth remembering the vast majority of visitors came away happy, according to a straw poll conducted by the team there. I enjoyed my day there too (free on the famous residents’ Greenwich Card, of course.) Now we can relive all those happy memories again, courtesy of the BBC. Even if we have to squint at the screen a bit. This is why keeping your archives is a good thing.


  1. ‘Now we can relieve all those happy memories again’ – I’ll relive mine if it’s all the same to you…..LOL

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