Great developer rebrandings, number 1: ‘Kidbrooke Village’

Photo taken in Tudway Road, Ferrier Estate, Kidbrooke, SE3, yesterday.

It’s a long way from the City, and it’s not in SE9 (and it’s a rum old do when you want to abandon the prime SE3 postcode for something else), and it’s never felt like a village. If Kidbrooke did have a village, wouldn’t it be further north, by the church on Kidbrooke Park Road?

But one day, maybe one day…

Adam goes looking for the Kidbrooke Village atmosphere.


  1. When the ‘urban village’ as once understood is dead or in very precarious health, developers revive the term for the new: ‘Kidbrooke Village’, ‘Greenwich Village West’ etc.

  2. I had to do a double take as my poor eyesight read KY first. D’oh. I live in Plum Stead Village

  3. Kidbrooke Village is divided between SE9 and SE3.

    The City Point area and Sutcliffe Park is within SE9.

    The Blackheath Quarter, Meridian Gate and Capital Plaza areas are within SE3.


  4. The sign was taken in Tudway Road, SE3. I do wonder how the people of Eltham Green feel about being co-opted into “Kidbrooke Village”…

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