Postcards from the Royal Borough of Greenwich

Less than a year until the dowdy old London Borough of Greenwich becomes a royal borough – so why don’t you book now to stay in this exciting corner of east Greenwich, sandwiched between industrial yards and the historic Blackwall Tunnel Southern Approach? Remember, when you open your eyes in the morning to be greeted with a traditional queue of traffic, thank the planning inspector!

You could get to the hotel using the well-policed cycle routes! In the best British tradition, there’ll always be a surprise as you freewheel along National Cycle Route 1 to get to your bijou bedroom. And when you take a photo, there’ll always be a warm welcome from a bloke who comes out of Associated Reclaimed Oils asking “are you taking a picture of that car?”

Of course, for both the Royal Borough and its diligent residents, keeping the streets clean and tidy is of the utmost importance. So as you stroll down to the borough’s proud sporting arena on a Monday lunchtime, think of the hard work and care that’s put into both putting out and collecting these majestic black bags. And when the bags are collected, the rest of the debris stays there for all to admire – because that’s somebody else’s job in this historic regal district.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich – fit for a king!


  1. No need to cycle – I seem to remember the Planning Inspectorate said it was easy walking distance from North Greenwich, Westcombe Park and Maze Hill.

  2. Missed photo opportunities in and around Maze Hill station, especially Vanbrugh Hill bridge and Woodlands Park Road.

    Despite both Network Rail and SE’s repeated reassurances that litter is regularly cleared, there’s vast quantities of everything a Womble could possibly need to be found here.

    I have been reliably informed that the wastelands in ‘Wall-E’ were based on Maze Hill. Seriously.

  3. Well, Steve, nothing’s stopping you submitting your own photos. We could have a glossy coffee table book within, ooh, an afternoon.

    Adam – that’s impressive. Is it a community composting scheme?

  4. Why is Greenwich so poor at being clean? I’ve come to the conclusion it’s poor management from the very top down that is the problem.

  5. SE28 Resident: That and ridiculous over-bureaucracy and sloping shoulders.

    In my communications with NR, SE trains and Greenwich Council, multiple people have been to the site and just taken photos. Not one has picked up a single piece of litter.

    Council won’t clean it up as it’s on railway land (even though the rubbish was clearly dumped by people while on ‘council land’), NR “can’t clean it while train services are running” (there were recent closures of railway maintenance and tree-felling) and SE trains promise to do something but never do.

    I’m now joining up with some neighbours who are going to jump over the fence and do it ourselves…

  6. Darryl, ‘Abatement Orders’?

    Yep, as soon as I heard his interview on R5, I decided that’s the next step. I have already written to NR threatening this.

    I’m actually looking forward to it as I’m going to nail all three; NR, SET and Greenwich council.

    All this effort and anger for something that will take just a few hours work to rectify. *sigh*

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