Council cuts: Can you help Plumstead Make Merry?

The Plumstead Make Merry festival, which takes place each June on Plumstead Common, is under threat of cancellation this year after losing its £2,000 grant from Greenwich Council.

The Make Merry has been running for 33 years and is billed as a celebration of Plumstead’s history and diversity, and depends on the council’s small handout and a few local sponsors. Without that council money, its future is in the balance.

I’m hoping to grab a chat with one of the organisers at some point soon, but a committee member tells me: “We are currently scrambling round trying to beg, borrow and steal anything we can that will allow us to put on some kind of event.”

So, before anything else, can you help the Make Merry gang make merry this summer?

This is what they’re short of:

Two marquees “one small (3mx3m or bigger), one big (last year’s one was 20’x40′, it doesn’t need to be quite as big but that’s a guide)”

PA system“last year’s was 12 kw. For health and safety (lost child and ‘help there’s a fire’ announcements) we have to have something about as powerful.”

Electricity generator (they currently have an estimate of £120 for one)

Some staging, or an alternative

Fire extinguishers.

The cut to Plumstead Make Merry does seem to continue a policy where Greenwich Council has prioritised high-profile events over small community events.

The Make Merry will also feature on the In The Meantime podcast next week – but for now, if you can help, then I’m sure they’d appreciate an e-mail – details are on their website.


  1. Would it be fair to say that the high profile events are the one’s that will be able to keep their heads above water without their grants? Their popularity meaning charitable donations won’t be too far away.
    Whereas as the smaller one’s will just die a sorry death.

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