Easter closure for the southbound Blackwall Tunnel

A quick advance warning – buried in a Transport for London release hailing “phenomenal progress” in refurbishing the southbound Blackwall Tunnel is news that it’ll be closed across the whole of Easter weekend, from the evening of 21 April to the morning of 25 April.

So if you’re expecting anyone heading south for Easter, be warned. It’ll definitely affect fans heading to Charlton v Rochdale on Easter Monday, although there are no big shows at the O2 over Easter. Other closures are planned for 10-13 June and 12-15 August, with the project set to be finished by December.


  1. Cheers for that. I subscribe to the TFL travel email think but this wasn’t on it.

  2. Thanks Darryl, nice spot.

    They’ve got the illuminated signs on the approach which always tell us of the nightly closures, but as of yesterday this longer closure wasn’t on them.

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