The great census mystery – what is the blank question?

It’s census time – get it done, fill it in, and don’t give the cutters any excuse to withhold any more resources from your neighbourhood. And no tedious Jedi “pranks” either, thanks.

But… what’s the “blank” question all about? What should the government be asking us here? “When was the last time you got drunk?” “How many junk mails from a well-known dodgy estate agent have you binned in the past month?” “What is the Big Society?” “Are you planning to bugger off for the royal wedding/ Olympics?” “Can we come along too?” Strange. Have you got any ideas?

I was actually planning on being away on census night, which I think would mean I’d get counted twice, excitingly enough. Sadly, it looks like those plans are falling through, dashing my idle thoughts of becoming a statistical quirk for future historians to puzzle over.


  1. It’s about use of the Welsh language, but it’s not included in English forms. They use a blank question so that all of the other questions retain the same numbering.

  2. Yes, Jon’s right. The Welsh form asks in Welsh whether you speak Welsh. But I think the correct response should be ”This answer has been left intentionally vague.”

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