Greenwich Council welcomes the first day of spring

Clear skies, birds singing in the air… yes, it’s the first day of spring. A lovely day to go out for a walk…

…or maybe not.


  1. Although I did see a street cleaner on Woolwich Road for the first time in months this morning…

  2. Hey, at least the rubbish is in bins.

    We are STILL fighting the immovable forces that are Greenwich Council, Network Rail and Southeastern to clear up the area around Maze Hill station. It’s now been a year since the first promise of action was given.

    In January, we cleared up a considerable amount of rubbish around the Vanbrugh Hill footbridge although the area now looks like that never happened. And within 24 hours of us clearing up the north entrance ramp to the station (ten large bin-liners worth), more rubbish reappeared there.

    On the upside, one particularly persistent offender, which turned out to be a mature lady out walking her dog, has been caught in the act of dumping yet another white plastic bag containing household rubbish and her dog’s mess. You may have seen these in various locations around the area. The earful she received may educate her on how her rubbish should be disposed of.

    Next targets are some fast-food junkies and our resident wino’s…

  3. Steve – rubbish round Maze Hill Station. Are you one of the group from Seren Park? Please get in touch with me or Cllr.Alex Grant if you haven’t already.

  4. Hi Mary. Yes, I’m one of that group, are you Cllr Mills?

    If so, I believe Daniel has been in touch with you on our behalf. I was in contact with a John Sharp but yielded to Daniel when he had more success.

  5. Yes – various people have been on to me and on to Alex – and we have been both been involved with various initiatives on the environment around the railway for many years. Its always been an uphill struggle – (I will try not to give a blow by blow account) – but remain optimistic.

  6. Well, I see cleaners around Charlton station/the parade of shops there most mornings shortly before six in the morning.

    They do a good job (even to the extent of picking up individual fag butts) that’s unsung as most people are still asleep.

    Also Darryl, was your picture taken on the day of a refuse collection? If it was, then it’s a tad disingenuous of you not to say so!

  7. I’d like to think it was perfectly obvious.

    For those whose streets are treated more sensitively by overstretched council teams, the street stays like this for 7 hours between bin collections. Hard luck, little old ladies.

    To be fair, they did actually put the bins back where they found them yesterday, which was a nice surprise. Moaning can get you somewhere.

    btw – street cleaning is the responsibility of a different arm of Greenwich Council. Crazy, but true.

  8. Sorry, but I don’t think it is obvious! Your brief intro indicates the street is always like that.

    Or are you complaining about people leaving their bins out on the pavement on a refuse collection day then?

    The thing is, one of the things I think Greenwich does pretty well (in Charlton at least) is refuse collection. If the agitprop GT is to be believed we’re one of the higher recycling councils in the country and we don’t have to shove everything into seven bins to do it.

    Also, I certainly don’t mind bunging my own bins back and if you do have an elderly neghbour, do it for them!

    Sorry if I’ve got your points wrong.


  9. Mary,

    Both Network Rail and Southeastern are legally obliged, under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, to keep their respective properties clean and tidy. On their websites, both companies also brazenly claim that ‘problem areas are cleaned within days of a report being received’. But, despite an infinity of reports, maps, sketches and photographs from myself and several others to both companies over the past three years or so, absolutely zip, zilch, nada and bumpkis has been done. Nothing.

    A recent tree-cutting frenzy by NR on their post-apocalyptic plot, alongside the almost-as-post-apocalyptic Woodlands Park Road, did cover up some of the detritus there with a few inches of beautifully chopped wood. However ‘picking it all up’ may have been a tad more useful.

    A while ago, I asked the a/m John Sharp (apparently he’s Greenwich Council’s “Enviro-Crime Investigation and Enforcement Officer”) why there has been no legal action after so long. He replied:

    “Relationships between Network Rail and London Councils is governed by a Memorandum of Understanding which places the emphasis on cooperation rather than legal enforcement measures, so for the time being I would like to avoid taking any legal action.”

    So no enforcement from the Enforcement Officer then.

    Some months ago, Mr. Sharp did brilliantly succeed in passing on a request to a fellow Council department called “Cleansweep”, (another tragic oxymoron in our litter-strewn borough) for litter bins to be reinstalled in the area, their oft-overflowing predecessors having been inexplicably removed early last year. Sadly, the Axis Of Silence And Inaction again ensured this idea met a swift and unceremonious death.

    So, having done Southeastern’s job of cleaning their station for them, and having tired of waiting for NR to do their job, we gallant and merry few offered to clear their land if they would kindly allow us access. Yes, reader, you guess right: Zero response.

    So, in summary: They won’t clear it. The council won’t make them clear it. They won’t let us clear it for them.

    “Remain optimistic”?

  10. Okay Darryl, got your point.

    Think this is a bit of a molehill jobby though, especially seeing the problems people such as Steve and Mary have (good luck in your efforts there folks).

  11. At least it’s only litter, Chris.

    In the great scheme of life and considering what’s happening around the world….

    Still, it would be nice if the area was tidied up a bit.

  12. Steve – where abouts did you ask for the litter bins for? I don’t want to write a great long saga about this and I really only ought to deal with stuff north of the railway but I can pass stuff for south of it on to Alex. I agree this all needs to be sorted – if you want to get on to me direct do so.

  13. Steve – can I also just add – although, as I said, I represent the area north of the railway – I do personally live just along the road from Seren Park and clearly know the site only too well.

  14. Mary,

    I suggested two bins along Woodlands Park Road.

    One by the Potteries/Maze Hill Stn entrance (also a popular fly-tipping spot) and one at the junction with Vanbrugh Hill by the footbridge, as these are by far the worst-afflicted areas.

  15. Steve – sorry my posting crossed with yours. I will ask about litter bins there. There were two bins along Woodlands Park Road but they probably went with the builders. Have you spoken to council officers on site?

  16. Mary,

    Not spoken to any council officers on site, only contact I have had was with Mr. Sharp. As I say, Daniel now has a (albeit stuttering) dialogue going with all parties so I have yielded to save on confusion and duplication.

    The only bin I’ve seen around there was at Woodlands Park Rd/Vanbrugh Hill. Are you talking about the builders of the block by the station?

  17. Yes – but I think they were dog waste bins. Clearly I don’t know what Daniel is doing. All I can do is find out what the situation with the bins is, and make suggestions. I’m also always happy to facilitate discussions where I can (but not to make arrangements in public!) and obviously not as far as railway property is concerned, although I have in the past hosted quite large street meetings which included people from the railway and TfL – particularly in regard to Westcombe Park where the situation is much more complex.
    I don’t know if you are aware that there is now a Friends Group set up for Charlton Station.

  18. Yes – thanks – I don’t know why I thought ‘Friends’ was a relevant word there! Did you watch Richard Wilson last night?

  19. What makes me laugh is that you’ll get a note through your door from the council about an over-hanging tree but they’re OK with their own binmen leaving emptied bins – normally after the owner has helpfully put them at the perimeter of their property – blocking the pavement all day so that wheelchair users, for example, can’t get by.

  20. In the past, I’ve had to move abandoned bins so a wheelchair user can get by.

    Could be an interesting scenario for m’learned friends.

  21. On a different note, I really like the refuse service available to me as a Greenwich tax-payer. Not only do I get three bins to separate out my rubbish, these bins are emptied weekly, and I get a free food waste caddy for my kitchen! The boyfriend and I also invested in the paper bags that are available through the council’s website. Well happy we are.

    Maze Hill Lara.

  22. Steve – if you are still reading this PLEASE can you get in touch with me – my details are on the council web site, or whatever. There are all sorts of things happening.

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