New SE London blog: From The Murky Depths

Who’d live in a town like this? Where is it? Head over to new(ish) south-east London blog From The Murky Depths – which is dealing with architecture and the built environment in this area – to find out. It’s a cracking read, and fills a niche – for with so many developments taking place, we actually know very little about most of them because they go under-reported.

(For example – the News Shopper taking 10 days to report on a new hotel/shopping development in Eltham getting the go-ahead. I was the only journalist at that meeting, on 17 March, looking out for something else – if anyone in Eltham wants to start a hyperlocal blog, they’d do that area a service…)

FTMD is trying to fill this gap – and has some harsh words to say about plans for Woolwich…


  1. eltham has the excellent londonmasalaandchips hyperlocal, which did pick up your hotel story, although more is certainly more when it comes to the news blackout in selondon.

    what is it with all these hotels anyway? the way things are going woolwich could end up with three new ones: the station, the riverside and the dreaded woolwich triangle, which will involve the replacing of the art deco co-op with a multi-storey car park.

  2. Thanks for the nice words. It was your old inspector sands blog that got me into reading blogs in the first place a few years ago.

    You’re right about the lack of local media as well, which has inspired me. I have lived and spent time in a few other small and mid sized UK cities over the past few years, and the local TV news and papers would highlight new developments and plans prominently. This meant that many people were aware of what was going on, and would press for any changes and better standards. It also seemed as though developers would think twice about submitting rubbish plans as they would be highlighted. It also helped that political power was not concentrated in one party and Councillors had to pay attention to the electorate.

    Good blogs have filled much of the void thankfully left by having little reporting in papers.

  3. Yep, good blog indeed.

    It’s a shame we can’t get these to a wider readership. How many readers does the average blog have?

  4. Welcome to Murky Depths – it is a good read, and covers the buildings etc. side of things in a way that my little Eltham-ish blog could never hope to. Keep going!

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