Return of the Thames Path: Sand and smashed windows

I’ve made a few visits to the Thames Path at Greenwich over the past few days – with this wonderful weather, I haven’t been the only one. Although the path reopened before Christmas, part of it has been difficult to navigate thanks to huge great puddles through a short stretch of it. Now the puddles have dried out, and the walkers and cyclists have returned.

But now many of the riverside buildings have gone – including the Tunnel Refineries silos – parts of it are in a sorry state. You might have read about the planned Peninsula Festival beach – well, I assume this isn’t a preview of what to expect…

The saddest sight, though, is Enderby’s Wharf – in particular, Enderby House. Despite planning permission having been given for the cruise liner terminal development, very little has happened on site, apart from an invasion of vandals. The house actually looked worse yesterday, with the door left hanging open. This was how it looked last week…

Apparently some of the problems are due to cable theft – the rising price of copper making it a target. But it’s unfortunate that West Properties have left this area wide open to thieves and vandals. I’m told the situation will be fixed soon – it can’t come soon enough.

Still, at least we have most of the path back. Apart from the stretch that started all this off, where London & Regional Properties are content to keep part of Lovells Wharf as a hole in the ground, filling up with water.

While it’s great to have most of the path back, a stroll by the Thames at Greenwich really doesn’t put the property industry in the best light.

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