New ways to have your say in SE London

One thing this corner of SE London has lacked has been online forums, which partly explains why local blogs have done so well around here. Actually, 853 was nearly launched as a forum, but then I decided managing one was too much like hard work and started another blog instead. Well, all that’s changed in the past couple of weeks, with the launch of two new forums. When I get around to rearranging the list on the right-hand side, I’ll give them a permanent link, but until then…

First up is South East Central, a side project from this blog’s occasional collaborators at Brockley Central. As you’d expect, it’s focusing its efforts on the Brockley/ Deptford/ Lewisham areas, but its sights are wider than that, and you can discuss just what it means to be from the beautiful south-east to your heart’s content. Definitely one to watch for the future. Here’s me on shut pubs.

Also looking promising is the Blackheath Forum. I’m a bit concerned about its plans to go into “invite-only” mode in the future, though – apparently it’s a method to beat spammers, but as far as I’m aware, the messageboard system it uses is pretty much spam-proof anyway. Hopefully it’ll stay open to all, because “closed” forums, usually used by residents of new developments to escape the derision of outsiders, don’t really give off a welcoming impression. Look, someone’s been nice about me. (Update – see comments below for a revision of the invite-only policy. Hurrah!)

I don’t often mention Abbey Wood here, but I should also point you in the direction of the Abbey Wood Forum, whose creator wrote to me ages ago but I managed to lose his e-mail. Take a look at this bizarre yarn about Bexley Council, who are clearly sensitive to criticism…

While I’m here, I’m thinking of opening up 853‘s pages in a few weeks to some guest posts – I’ll be elsewhere for a bit so it’s either that or I stick up some episodes of Danger Mouse to keep the page views up.

So if there’s anything about life in south-east London that bugs you, or makes you want to cheer, and it’s legal, decent, and doesn’t pick on an individual or promote any party politics, then I’d love to hear about it.


  1. Thanks for the link, Darryl.

    You’re absolutely right, it’s not very inviting is it.

    I have updated the post on the forum to reflect the removal of the policy. We may look at it again if spam ever becomes a problem, but as you say, the software we use isn’t known for high levels of spam, so hopefully that won’t be necessary.

  2. Ah, thanks for the plug Darryl. We’re going to have to work out how to embed feeds from all the best blogs in SE London, this one and Charlton Champion included, naturally.

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