The Crooms Hill Hole

Typically, I got to Crooms Hill about 20 minutes too late to peer down the hole that opened up this morning, and I arrived just in time to see workmen finish the job of filling it in. By the time you read this, it’s likely to have had a fresh layer of tarmac applied to it.

The hole’s just where the conduit from Greenwich Park to Hyde Vale runs (The Greenwich Phantom has a map). With the speed at which it is being filled in, it’s clear that this isn’t being seen as a big worry – unlike the collapse at Blackheath Hill just over nine years ago, which resulted in the demolition of part of a housing estate.

It’s pretty well-known that Greenwich is riddled with underground tunnels and other subterranean oddities – and one of the complaints of the anti-Olympics lobby has been that gaps could open up in Greenwich Park during the equestrian events next summer. Whether this hole in the hill proves anything, though, is another question.


  1. I drove passed the hole before the above picture was taken. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything. The tarmac looked a bit like icing dripping down a hole no bigger than a dinner plate and wasn’t that exciting. Two Great British Workmen were standing around in their hi vis vests inspecting said hole surrounded by No Parking cones for some reason. I drove passed thinking, “Why have they got those cones in the middle of the road? Surely nobody would park in the centre of the road. Would they?”

  2. Well, I went along this afternoon to look at it and would say that Robert Gray’s description is more accurate than Paul’s – ie the area of a small car not a dinner plate.

    The other thing to know is that conduits collapse in different ways. Only time will tell if the workmen have today filled up a small hole that was created by being dragged down by a much larger void beneath it. Per von Scheibner’s submission to last year’s planning board is still interesting reading:

  3. The whole of the repaired patch was roughly one by one and a half meters. That’s a very small car indeed.

  4. Indigo

    Sorry, but my description is very accurate. The actual hole that appeared was only small although the repair may have been much larger which is what you probably saw later in the day.

    I’m not known for my flights of fancy.

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