Good Thames Path news for Easter

Well, Bellway Homes were as good as their word – the closed bit of Thames Path on the east side of the Greenwich peninsula is back in action.

With the weather looking good for Easter weekend, it’s come just in time.

A rock garden has also been built along the path – something else for the occupiers of the new homes to look out upon.

This now means the only section of Thames Path closed between Deptford Creek and the Thames Barrier is the stretch at Lovells Wharf, where the path has been routed past a sales office belonging to estate agents ‘King Sturge, and where London and Regional Properties is showing no signs of planning to restore the pathway it destroyed.

One other little bit of Thames Path news – Ballast Quay, where the Cutty Sark pub is, is now two way for cyclists only. Personally, I prefer to avoid the cobbles and ride direct along Banning Street and Old Woolwich Road, but scenic cyclists can now follow the river in both directions if they want to.

6:45PM UPDATE: One word of warning, though – don’t go expecting a sit down next to the Dome, where the Homes & Communities Agency has decided that while Greenwich Peninsula is “a place where you can”, it’s certainly not a place where it’ll bother emptying litter bins on its stretch of the path. Carrier bags are courtesy of the brand new Tesco Express. That’ll look lovely come Easter Monday…


  1. The security guy at the site told me they’d reopened *my* river path yesterday. But I will let the rest of you use it too 🙂

  2. There’s two overflowing bins – one near the cut-up-ship artwork, the other a just north of there close to the tip of the peninsula.

    Also reported to the council as a courtesy.

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