Any excuse for a party…

Wedding, schwedding. But it was an excuse for a party and to meet the neighbours, eh?

The traditional street party: Couthurst Road, Blackheath.

The squat party: The old job centre, Deptford High Street.

Kicking back with a great big sound system: Ffinch Street, Deptford.

Kicking back with an even bigger sound system: Upper Brockley Road, Brockley.
(Click on the image to hear it. Sound system was just to the left of the picture. See Brockley Central for more.)

Party in the park: East Greenwich Pleasaunce – still going strong at 7pm when I popped in. A huge credit to Lizzie and the team. Back for the Diamond Jubilee next year, then?

The lesson learned from the Friday off? Kids love a royal wedding, adults like a booze-up. Seems healthy.