The last days of the Ferrier Estate

Thanks to Nick at South East Central for the heads-up.

A few weeks ago I came across demolition work at the Ferrier on a Sunday afternoon – huge great chunks of concrete coming down with sickening thumps. They’re not hanging around in knocking it down.


  1. There’s an exhibition tomorrow on what Berkeley Homes want to put up south of Kidbrooke Station:

    Friday 13th May noon-5pm at the Project Office, Tudway Rd SE3

  2. Friday isn’t too useful. Hopefully the plans will be put online or a kindly soul who visits can take some pics.

    Aside from the politics (the in the meantime podcast on the ferrier was very interesting) I think the new buildings look great.

  3. Great idea to capture this for posterity. The old place looks a lot better in the sunshine and from a speeding car!

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