Did you Tell Ken? What did you tell him?

Turns out Ken Livingstone was in Greenwich yesterday, visiting Ravensbourne college as part of his “Tell Ken” campaign visits to every London borough.

He was also due to meet residents in Woolwich town centre, was snapped outside Poundland in Eltham before holding a meeting in there last night. Wish I’d known now, I’d have made the journey to SE9 to see that.

The “once and future mayor” was due to go out campaigning with Greenwich Council leader Chris Roberts – considering relations between the two are widely thought to be pretty frosty, that would have been good value too.

But did you know about his visit? I had no idea, but then I’ve been away. Did you meet Ken? If you did, what did you tell him – and what did the mayoral candidate tell you?

Or if, like me, you knew nothing of his trip, what would you have told him?


  1. Boris or Ken……*sigh*

    Aren’t there any successful Bloomburg-esque business-types out there who want to run one of the world’s greatest cities for a few years?

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