Blackwall Tunnel approach’s Olympic lanes – details revealed

Full details have been revealed about how next summer’s Olympics will affect roads around Greenwich, Charlton and Blackheath – with a special lane for Games traffic being installed on the Blackwall Tunnel Southern Approach.

As mentioned here last summer, one lane of the A102 will be given over for athletes, officials and the “Games family” – a euphemism for sponsors.

One lane of the northbound A102 will be given over to Games traffic from just north of Old Dover Road to the point where Tunnel Avenue joins the approach road between 6am and midnight. The Blackwall Tunnel itself will remain two-way, and similar provisions are being made on the A12 in east London.

Traffic signals will be altered at the Woolwich Road and the Blackwall Lane junctions as part of the scheme.

Around Greenwich Park, Park Vista and parts of Park Row and Maze Hill will become “no stopping” roads with part of Charlton Way closed to all traffic – forcing a diversion to the 53 bus route.

Between Blackheath and the Sun-in-the-Sands roundabout, Shooters Hill Road will lose a lane to Games traffic while a “no stopping” route will run from there and onto Charlton Park Lane for Olympic vehicles heading to the Royal Artillery Barracks.

Road humps along Charlton Park Lane will also be removed.

Transport for London has launched a consultation into the Olympic Route Network scheme, with drop-in sessions taking place later this month. Detailed maps of what is planned are available at the TfL website:

Monday 20 June 10am-2pm Charlton House
Wednesday 22 June 10am-2pm Woolwich Town Hall
Wednesday 22 June 4pm-8pm Charlton House
Thursday 23 June 4pm-8pm The Forum, Greenwich
Friday 24 June 10am-2pm The Forum, Greenwich
Monday 27 June 4.30pm-7.30pm Woolwich Town Hall


  1. On the paper version – dropping through people’s letterboxes today – it says at the end

    “This design may change if the needs of the London 2012 Games alter.”

    How likely is it that the public will be consulted on any changes – not very likely, I think.

  2. Interesting that road safety gets a lower priority than the Olympics. Speed humps in Charlton Pk Lane for example will be removed. Why?

  3. Hey Darryl, did you read Simon Hoggart’s brilliant rant in Grauniad on Saturday? I quote:

    “Last week I mentioned how the Olympics, funded by you and me – especially me if you don’t live in London – seem to be mounted largely for the toads of international sport administration, plus bankers and corporate businesses. Naturally it’s worse than that.

    “Main roads in the capital are to be closed off and guarded by the police so these people can glide in their limousines, without the inconvenience of traffic, to events where they have guaranteed tickets, as the rest of us struggle to find a way to work and while burglars know this is a perfect time to climb into our houses, if we aren’t at home trying to watch something we have paid for, but only on TV, exactly like anyone in Sydney, Shanghai or Seattle, where nobody had to fork out.

    “And it turns out that many of the constructions in the Olympic site are to be torn down as soon as all two weeks of the games are over. So in other words, the whole thing is little more than a Brigadoon for rich people.”

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