Last chance to join in Blackheath consultation

If you’ve followed the row over the On Blackheath music festival, you’ll recall that Lewisham Council is now planning a new policy on what it does with its parks. That includes its portion of Blackheath, where the festival was due to take place, as well as other open spaces like Hilly Fields, Beckenham Place Park, Ladywell Fields and Manor House Gardens.

If you’ve a strong view on what happens on the heath, or any other Lewisham open space, then the consultation is here – it only takes a couple of minutes, and there’s nothing stopping you if you’re on the wrong side of the border. (Indeed, you can even suggest Blackheath as a good place for fireworks.)

Be quick, though – it closes tomorrow (Friday).

As for On Blackheath, that battle returns to Bromley Magistrates Court on 29 June.


  1. The proposal to hold this NIMBY event on Blackheath was kept very quiet and residents were not given much time to respond with their views.

    As is known, the Blackheath Society is currently attempting to have the application to have an alcohol licence revoked. Whilst this is commendable and costly what measures are in place to prevent people bringing and consuming their own alcohol on the heath and littering the area around with rubbish? Council tax is already high enough without the added cost of clearing debris after such an event and paying council operatives overtime rates to achieve a clearance is a frivolity.

    It is blatently obvious that holding such an event as this proposed “music festival” over a two day period will cause much disruption within the area with the possible allowance of parking on the heath and likely distress to neighbouring residents with the chance of drunkenness, drug abuse and other disgusting habits which I shall not go into here but leave to your imagination. The noise which could be generated by this event is not suitable for Blackheath. Whilst it is an open space, it is enclosed on all its boundaries by residential properties, apart from Greenwich Park. The O2 arena would be an ideal venue for this type of event where there are adequate facilities in place for large crowds of people.

    I would be interested to know who the counsellors are who have given their blessing to this music festival taking place on Blackheath and what their reasons are for so doing.

  2. What a fantastically negative post.

    The cost of any clear up would be paid by the festival organisers, not added to your council tax, by the way.

  3. Suzanne I assume you are a fully paid up member of the Blackheath Society?

  4. Indeed! Put the soap box away!

    Suzanne’s perfectly welcome to express her views here, even though I suspect she’d rather have landmines on the heath than – heaven forbid- anyone ever take a sip of beer there on a sunny day.

  5. I hear you Darryl – my opinion: I think, judging by her post, that Suzanne is a small, (hopefully-declining) minority of ridiculous old-school ‘Blackheath people’ who see no further than their own preposterous up-turned noses.

    Or Is it a joke that post?

  6. After reading the proposed policy at

    it is absolutely bizarre that the BJWP have any rights or will have the authority to agree an event ‘in principle’ on Blackheath Common. Yes, they can have their views, we all can – but we don’t all get to decide. That is what the law is for and Lewisham Council. Only very few members of the BJWP are elected and the outcome will nearly always be based on personal opinion.

    If this policy stands it sets a very very dangerous precedent for the future

    The new policy is a farce and the BJWP must not have this kind of power. Should we let Suzanne and her mates decide on future events……I think not

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