Greenwich Park test event closures expand

Just enjoyed a breakfast-time cycle ride through Greenwich Park (more about which later, hopefully) and noticed that today’s the day the closures for the test events expand to cover most of the east side of the park. You can still walk or cycle through the fenced-off areas, though, and despite being 7am it was a hive of activity, with people raking through the grass and temporary jumps, like the ones above, being put in place.

This is going to be the tricky phase for the organisers – a park full of bored-looking security guards patrolling high fences is never a good look, even if they turn out to be the politest, kindest, most generous guards on the planet. And there still seems to be more information available at the tourist end of the park, rather than the entrances that many locals will use (and will find closed during early July).

But what’s been done already looks impressive, and the temporary stadium’s coming on well. With less than a fortnight to go until the Greenwich Park Eventing International, it’ll be interesting to see just how it all looks when all the work is done.


  1. It’s coming on well, and they seem to be being responsible so far. Has anyone received any tickets for the test events? I applied, and haven’t heard a squeak out of them….

  2. No tickets here either.

    Can’t wait to see the amount of dead grass when it’s all gone. When they filmed Pirates of the Caribbean for a few weeks they had to replace loads of the grass.

  3. @Mat Gough “they seem to be being responsible so far” – apart from the accident caused to the middle-aged lady who was felled by one of LOCOG’s boards and then LOCOG ignored the family’s formal complaint until, in despair, the family turned to NOGOE.

  4. Anyone have any tickets they won’t be able to use? Unfortunately I didn’t get any. Thanks in advance!

  5. i was lucky enough to recieve 2 tickets to the Womens Pentathalon 10th July.

    Can anyone answer my question. i have 2 children under 5 do they go free or not?

  6. I’m extremely unimpressed with these closures. Like hundreds of other dog owners in Greenwich we live there largely because of the park. The fact that the closures have gone ahead despite massive protest from local residents, is abolutely shocking!

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