Yes! It’s another Greenwich Thames Path closure…

The good news is that the riverside path isn’t yet closed where works are taking place on the cable car.

The bad news is that another section has closed, this time without warning – the section around Delta Wharf. This won’t come as a surprise to anyone that’s followed the numerous Thames Path closures on this blog, since it’s been mentioned before in passing in the comments that more work needs to be done to secure the river wall. It’s also the site of the proposed “beach” for the Peninsula Festival.

So with the exception of the small section through an aggregates yard by the Blackwall Tunnel, the path is once again closed between the Cutty Sark pub and the Dome. Happily for cyclists, Greenwich Council has at least resurfaced the treacherous diversion via the north end of Tunnel Avenue, so there’s no need to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid deep potholes. Unhappily for walkers, Thames Water works have taken out most of the pavement on another part of the diversion. Hey-ho.


  1. Ran that route last night. Signage is missing, faded or confusing. Not a good situation. Is anyone doing something about this mess or is it going to drag on for another year or two like everything else seems to?

  2. I got a note about some of this last week – the closure on the west side of the peninsula is by the National Rivers Authority and it is so that a ‘new river defence wall and footath and the construction of new homes’.(sic) can be built. I was told that this was between Cadet Place (now defunct!) and Peter Pies (are they still there?) at Drawdock Road. Hopefully the new homes mentioned will be on the old Granite Wharf site – and that at last the path can be reinstated over that derelict stretch. It is hoped the work will be finished by the end of September.

  3. This section of the Thames Path (i.e. the entirety of the stretch on the western peninsula) desperately needs some tarting up. It used to be on my evening run, but nowadays its overgrown, rat infested and with the occasional “odd character” lurking around.

  4. You can contact the Environment Agency (they took over from the National Rivers Authority years ago) on their general number 0370 8506506, I thought that they planed to fix the wall at Delta Wharf ages ago. I was hoping to ride up to Greenwich in the school holidays, I might try the other direction instead – wish me luck!

  5. […] It means the riverside pathway from Wood Wharf through to Angerstein Wharf is now completely open again, from one end of Greenwich to another, for the first time since demolition work on Lovell’s Wharf started in 2007. (Here’s a few snaps of Lovell’s before work started.) That link reopened earlier this year, and now contractors have finished rebuilding the footway just south of Drawdock Road, at the end of Tunnel Avenue, which shut in August 2011. […]

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