Has Greenwich’s Mr Fast Fry had his chips?

Sad news on the Woolwich Road, as Greenwich’s Mr Fast Fry fish bar looks like it’s come to grief. It’s not as if I’m a regular customer, but I remember when it opened (some time during the 1990 World Cup, I’m sure) and it’s become a bit of a landmark, seeing off all around it. The school’s gone, the post office has closed, the petrol station was demolished – but Mr Fast Fry stayed.

Hopefully someone can step in and make sure he fries into the future.

(See greenwich.co.uk for a history of another east Greenwich landmark – the Plaza – or Stars nightclub, or Granada bingo, or the Granada cinema, depending on your age…)


  1. MR. FAST FRY has been a landmark for many years, going far beyond the 1990’s. It is a well known shop known for many miles around for its quality and service. There have been some problems in recent months, but we can assure all our customers that FAST FRY has definitely not HAD ITS CHIPS.

    Please bear with us – we are doing our best to get the shop back open and running and we will then deliver the excellent quality product we served in the past together with customer service.


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