Woolwich riot: Community meeting this Thursday

The people behind the Woolwich wall have organised a community meeting on Thursday to discuss the aftermath of last Monday’s riot, and are hoping to get spokespeople from the police and Greenwich Council to come along and talk about what happened and what happens next. There’s a Facebook page here, but if you can’t see that, then the plan is to meet at the wall from 7pm and then onto a nearby venue from 7.30pm.

One other spin-off from last week’s events – the We Love Woolwich site has sparked back into life again…

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  1. Thank you for the mention! How could I not? Also Krustynutz now has admin perms, this is a pre-Riot development so the riots just gave me a bit of momentum. Sadly I’ve had no internet at home this week and haven’t got my stuff up yet – local fault with Virgin. I’m going to use the shop computer this evening to get stuff up at last.

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