On Blackheath planning 2012 date change

A bit late with this, but the organisers of next year’s On Blackheath festival are planning to hold the event on 22 and 23 September, a little later than the weekend they’d usually aim to hold it on. It’s all down to the Olympics and Paralympics, with the police planning to use the Territorial Army building at Hollyhedge House as a base, and On Blackheath wanting to use it too.

An application has gone into Lewisham Council, which needs to approve the date change, with responses due in tomorrow. Lewisham’s certainly learned a lesson from being criticised in the court case surrounding the festival’s licence – with the site of the event covered in notices for what’s only a minor change. Even the side of Shooters Hill Road without a pavement is festooned with notices.

While on the heath, what’s with the fence surrounding the bank holiday funfair? Apparently there was one there for May’s fair (I was away then) as well, which dispels my notion that it’s some kind of post-riot measure. But it doesn’t look particularly welcoming with a steel fence around it…


  1. The fence is because they’re now charging to get in. Last time they had a sign up claiming it was to prevent anti-social behaviour (drunks coming in I suppose), and its a reasonably nominal fee (think it was a pound per person), so maybe thats it.

  2. I’m pretty sure the signs up at the moment say it’s free entry (and then a pound per person per ride, if I read correctly)

  3. I haven’t been this time yet. Maybe they found charging for entry last time put off too many people.

  4. I think the fence is designed to make it more possible to throw out anyone causing trouble. That much harder to get back in, I guess.

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