New tower blocks for Woolwich riverside

The last undeveloped section of Woolwich riverside looks finally set to be built upon. Greenwich’s planning board gave permission last night for the completion of the Mast Pond Wharf development on Woolwich Church Street, by the ferry terminal.

Walkers and cyclists who use the Thames Path will be familiar with the two existing towers, which have been in use for five years and are built on stilts because of the lack of flood defences on that stretch of river.

Now they are due to be joined by two more towers, providing 204 homes, a restaurant and office space. Developers will have to allow an archeological dig on the site first, since this land used to be part of the Woolwich royal dockyard.

The board voted 4-2 to allow the development, with Conservatives Dermot Poston and Geoff Brighty voting against because of concerns the towers would block the view of St Mary’s church from the river.


  1. It’s good that the area is being redeveloped, but does this mean that yet another section of the Thames path will br closed off? I do hope not!

  2. I don’t know – I keep associating Thames Path closures with Greenwich, not Woolwich! The path is open through the existing development so I assume it’ll be maintained, but I’ve no idea about any temporary closure….

  3. For some it’s because they believe the marketing spiel from developers, and for others its because they have no great alternative I guess. I was reading up on these towers last night and found a website aimed at buy to letters and was going on about the high yields and returns, and what a great investment it is blah blah blah, and painting Woolwich as a utopia. Bizarrely they had the first McDonalds thing as a recommendation. Who would be impressed by that? And that was because Woolwich was seen as a typical and average English High Street. It’s far from that now. It was all too depressing to continue reading.

  4. And, of course, it’ll be a long time before the west end of Powis Street, nearest these flats, gets up to scratch – if it ever does – especially with the new Tesco shifting Woolwich’s centre of gravity even further east.

  5. That end has a lot of problems, and the main one is that Powis Street estates have done little to it since buying much of it in 2001, except come up with some crap plans to demolish the attractive Co-op.

    Still some glimpses of hope are the plans to create a big store down there with a guaranteed shop on board apparently by combining some stores into one, and sainsbury’s recently submitted planning permission to improve their store and install more windows to open it up. There’s also a travelodge opening there.

  6. Do you know what the latest is with the Art Deco Co-Op?

    I did hear recently the Gala Bingo hall has been bought by New Wine Church…

  7. For pete’s sake stop moaning. Actually the High Street is pretty god and has great diversity. The market is getting better( great fruit and veg). The shops are pretty busy and I see the place improving all the time (remember what it was like before the DLR?) so stop bleeting. If you dislike it so much move!

  8. planning premissionwas also granted for a 16 story tower block on top of the 2 fishing ponds in woolwich dockyard

  9. Totally unrelated, but is anyone able to update a former resident on what the former Thames Poly buildings are now used for? Many thanks.

  10. Does anybody know when they will start contruction? it has been a year and nothing

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