Second time lucky for Oranjecamping in Greenwich?

Their last application was comprehensively thrown out by Greenwich Council’s licensing board, but the plan for a big Dutch campsite right next to the Greenwich Millennium Village during the Olympics was launched anyway a couple of days later. Spot the senior Greenwich councillor in the video above, and try to name the local bigmouth whose laugh you can hear at the end.

Now a new licensing application has gone in from Oranjecamping for a site called “Phases 3, 4 & 5, Peartree Way, Greenwich Peninsula,” with the council taking representations until 9 November. This appears to be mostly separate from the rejected licence which involved Greenwich Yacht Club, as well as the other rejected ones for the beach at Delta Wharf and the concert site off John Harrison Way.

This is for land either side of West Parkside, adjacent to the Millennium Village and ecology park, and a slither of land between Peartree Way and Horn Link Way. Here’s a map from the last licence hearing:

It’s worth noting that last patch of land is right next to the enormous aggregates site at Angerstein Wharf, which actually comes alive at night – pass at midnight and you’ll find its floodlights are on, PA system going and ships unloading. It’s also right next to a regular spot for travellers’ caravans – highlighted by local councillor Dick Quibell in the last licensing meeting, who joked that if Greenwich Council hadn’t been able to move them on for 30 years, it was unlikely anyone else could.

The plans are for films from 0800-2300, live music and dance from 1400-2300, alcohol from 1000-0130 with “late night refreshment” to 0200, and recorded music from 0800-0145. All this would take part between 25 July and 13 August only. More details from Greenwich Council’s licensing team.

Separately, a planning application went in last month for the planned beach at Delta Wharf, with a decision expected in December. If that’s granted, it’ll still need music and alcohol licences – the same ones refused last month.


  1. Are you kidding me! where do they come up with these ideas. I wonder how much of this earned revenue is going back into the borough. Isn’t there a camp site in Abbeywood, again is that side of the borough loosing out?

  2. The journey from Abbey Wood to Stratford’s not much quicker than Amsterdam to Stratford, I would have thought….

  3. Last I looked Abbeywood was in the borough of Greenwich, surely it shouldn’t matter with links from the station to Woolwich and the DLR, this way everyone wins. Plus wouldn’t it be better to promote all the things we have in our area what they could see on their journey to the Olympics. Better to have that than the disappointment they are going to feel when they actually see the Olympic sport they so clearly want to see.

  4. Have you noted that the new scheme completely closes access to the Greenwich Yacht Club site, effectively sealed off in thanks for rejecting Oranje’s earlier blandishments. How can access to a legitimate business be prevented for up to three weeks?

  5. Hold on – there is still nothing official out from the Counci yetl, particularly concerning the conditions on this.

    A couple of things – the application was only in regard to alcohol sales – the camping site falls below the regulations requiring planning consent – so this was not as to whether it could be held, it was into whether they could sell drink. It is also important to know that the Police were making no objections to this – nor did LOCOG or Transport for London – all of them heavy weight objectors in the past.

    I was at the hearing this morning – and spoke on behalf of residents who were making objections, but the number of those who has asked me to do so had dropped to two or three -whereas last time I had been asked to speak on behalf of many many more.. The ecology park staff also came and made a very, very strong plea on a number of points,.

    Finally – the road block on Pear Tree Way (which I raised among other things this morning) – this will require a different application through Transportation as a highway closure – and I have checked that out.

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