It’s the first-ever Greenwich Time caption competition!

Get set for this week’s Greenwich Time to hit your doorsteps with a thump this week – in it, you’ll find exciting news about last week’s council booze-up to commemorate a former councillor.

It’s actually a historic piece of work – and a very crafty one, too. Of course, there’s no mention that both Labour and Conservative councillors agreed to cut short a full meeting held in public so they could head over the road for wine. And there’s definitely no mention of the kids protesting outside, chanting “save our school!”

It’s the first GT in 18 months to acknowledge the fact that the council has opposition councillors (it does, they’re mostly confined to Eltham) and that they represent a party called the “Conservatives”. Unfortunately for them, it’ll no doubt be the last time they get a namecheck in the propaganda weekly until the post-election special in 2014, assuming they all stay in good health and/or in office.

Even more unfortunately for them, this lavish coverage makes it harder for them to attack Greenwich Time now they’ve featured in it. There’s no other parties represented in the borough at the moment, so that’s about it for attacking GT.

Even worse for them – I don’t think opposition leader Spencer Drury (on the right) will be rushing to stick this photo on his mantelpiece…

What’s got into him there? He doesn’t normally look that startled. Has a dog started to wee up his leg? Has he just realised he left his car keys over the road? What’s going on? What are Drury, council leader Chris Roberts and former councillor Peter King saying or thinking? Over to you, dear reader.


  1. I remember being part of a Council meeting to discuss the future of special education provision a few years back and I hadn’t realised that Peter King and his chums were “opposition” councillors. Just there to collect the allowances (and corporate entertainment) I guess.

  2. We are all in it together!

    Re the look, i’d imagine the irony of appearing in GT whilst lobbying its discontinuance is not lost on him.

    and yes, there is a resemblance, however you thought of it i’ll never know.

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