Olympic timetable: No Southeastern refund for reduced services

Passengers at four SE London rail stations which will suffer a reduced service during the Olympic Games will not get a refund on their season tickets, Southeastern has revealed today.

The government has approved the company’s plans to cut services to some stations to enable trains to spend longer at stops close to Games venues in Greenwich and Woolwich.

Passengers who use Woolwich Dockyard – which will see no trains stop for the duration of the Olympics – will be compensated for the inconvenience.

But those who use Deptford, Maze Hill, Westcombe Park and Kidbrooke will not be entitled to any compensation from the company. Deptford and Westcombe Park will see services cut by two-thirds during the Games, and will have just a half-hourly service, even during rush hour. Maze Hill will see trains stop in only one direction for most of the day, while Kidbrooke will lose a third of its services.

Instead, “ticket holders affected by service reductions will be able to use their tickets on local buses to access nearby stations,” Southeastern claims. However, those same local buses will be affected by traffic restrictions in Greenwich town centre, while open stations such as Greenwich, Blackheath, Charlton and Woolwich Arsenal will also be used by crowds attending events at Greenwich Park, the Dome and the Royal Artillery Barracks.

The plans, first revealed on this website in April, have been drawn up by Southeastern and the Olympic Delivery Authority. An early proposal to cut services at Charlton – despite it being a designated station for gymnastics and basketball at the Dome – was axed after pressure from the station’s rail users’ group and local MP Nick Raynsford.

The full timetable can be found here. It will see…

– Trains at Deptford and Westcombe Park cut from six to two per hour, even during peak times.
– Trains at Kidbrooke cut from six to four per hour.
– No eastbound service from Maze Hill in the mornings, no service towards central London in the afternoon and evenings.
Later trains on all three lines to Dartford, with a last Greenwich line train leaving Cannon Street at 00.56.
– Earlier trains on Sundays.


  1. Well that’s my household stuffed for work next summer. Looks like we’ll need to crash on someone’s floor in central London during the Games in order to have any chance of a life outside of work and commuting. What fun.

  2. There are lots of things about the Olympics that annoy me but this isn’t one of them. As I understand it, services will be affected for 17 consecutive days (including weekends) at the height of summer when lots of commuters are away on holiday. Other stations relatively nearby will remain open. Yes season ticket holders do lose out – but not massively. And we won’t have the Olympics every year – in this case a bit of inconvenience is probably justified to help the Games run smoothly.

  3. Yet again Southeastern management show their total contempt of their passengers. It could be a double insult when combined with excessive fare increases in January 2012! I just hope they don’t get away with it again.

  4. I suspect “Transport Briefing ” will not be affected by this outrageous decision by South Eastern. Woolwich Dockyard sits in one of the most deprived areas of the country. It is complete nonsense to close the Station during Games Time. I confronted their PR Team at Charing Cross recently. They had no idea about the impact of their de vision or could not tell me how people would manage.

    I would hope that this mad decision can be overturned but the power of monopoly allows this Company to do what they like.

  5. Get over yourselves NIMBYS!
    I will be seriously inconvenienced by the closure of Ha Ha road, probably for a lot longer than 17 consecutive days. Oh and then there’s the Paralympics as well. But it is the Olympics….on our doorstep….and you will have many years of Olympic free travel to look forward to afterwards. Jobs are scarce enough in this area anyway, how many less would there be without the Olympics?

  6. I’m not one of the NIMBY’s either, although I’m not really into the Olympics.

    Yes, there’ll be a load of tourists, but they should be made welcome and this is, after all, almost certainly a once in a lifetime event.

    But southeastern’s behaviour throughout all this has been pathetic. They couldn’t manage their PR more crassly if they tried, but as long the shareholders are happy, that’s okay.

    If ‘TransportBriefing’ is serious, perhaps for the sake of people around Woolwich Dockyard he/should change their monicker to ‘NoTrainTransport….’

  7. It’s true I’m unlikely to be directly affected by this as I live in Somerset. Does that make a difference somehow? Are opinions only valid if they belong to someone who will be inconvenienced – perhaps someone could explain?

  8. I have belatedly noticed Transport Briefing’s last post.

    In answer to your questions. 1) Yes it makes a huge difference that you live in Somerset. Think about it for a second. 2) All opinions are equally valid, but opinions from those who will have their stations closed and trains reduced are more equal than others.

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