Some juice on Greenwich recycling

We all know communicating with its residents is one thing that Greenwich Council is very bad at. But we also know that Greenwich is very good at recycling things. And no, I don’t just mean photos and features in Greenwich Time, it’s the very real achievement of recycling more rubbish and burning or burying less of it. The collections themselves can be haphazard and the wheelie bin slalom is still a problem, although less of an issue than it was in the past (at least in my neck of the woods). But generally, it works.

So you might like to know that you can now stick wax fruit juice cartons – Tetrapaks – in the council’s blue recycling bins instead of hauling them down to a supermarket car park or chucking them in the black, non-recylables bin. It’s long overdue, but good news all the same. Hooray!

You might have missed this piece of genuine good news, though, because it was buried in an ad at the back of Greenwich Time a few weeks ago. (You can also now recycle paperback books, it would appear.) Not a mention in the editorial, and nothing at all on the council’s website. In fact, the recycling section hasn’t even been updated to take into account the change.

Over in Lewisham, there’s been a similar change – see a council officer helping explain all this on Brockley Central – but Greenwich has been weirdly quiet about something it should be trumpeting from the rooftops. Of course, in a saner London each borough would have the same recycling policies so there’d be less confusion over what to stick in which bin, but this silly situation makes it even more important that Greenwich gets its message across.

But anyway – now you know. Have your five-a-day. And get recycling.


  1. Ah, the LB Greenwich website. That was the one that has had no updates, last time I looked, for the state of the Greenwich foot tunnel even though it seems to be a year overdue. And the one that listed until recently an unknown organisation called the British Airports Association in its travel guide.

  2. Ha, thanks for this. Over the years I have become more disenchanted with Greenwich council, despite the efforts of a few good councillors… putting your kids thru their educational system does make the scales drop from your eyes.

    But they do a good job on recycling, even if we need people like you to ferret out the details for us!!

  3. I see the council’s website team have now corrected the page about Tetra-Paks that’s linked to above. Would have been nice to have a thank you, but never mind.

    If Greenwich’s comms team isn’t reading Greenwich Time for all the latest, though, why on earth are we expected to?

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