The ideal Christmas present for a Southeastern commuter…

Relive that unforgettable journey! On sale at the London Transport Museum shop in Covent Garden.

Or you could plan ahead for next summer. On sale at John Lewis, Stratford City, and online.


  1. I am surprised no one has remarked about the details on the ticket. The date is 01.JNR.00 and the cost is £2.40. Have they reduced the cost of the single in real terms as the current price is £2.60 and it is due to go up to £2.80 from 2 January 2012 (7.7% increase).

  2. Thanks for putting that on – it led me to the Museum sales site, from where I have bought an LT roundel shaped ice cube tray – so anyone who drinks here over Christmas can think about all the buses and trains.

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