Greenwich Council’s Pravda reveals royal borough crest

So, here’s the new crest for the shiny new Royal Borough of Greenwich (coming February 3) – what do you reckon? I don’t think they’ve done a bad job, although I can’t help chuckling at the retention of the borough’s motto “we govern by serving”, when “do as you’re bloody told” would be more accurate.

A guide to what it all means is on the front of this week’s soaraway Greenwich Time, which also carries a letter about dog shit and how council leader Chris Roberts paid a “moving” tribute to Stephen Lawrence’s parents. Beautiful stuff.

There’s also more stuff from Roberts about 2012 in the centre spread, and a bit marked “what YOU think!” which is actually filled with “key stakeholders” that you’ve never heard of.

Still, you’ll be glad to know the borough’s written press is scrutinising the council as closely as ever, with a News Shopper reporter gaining a byline for cutting and pasting 14 paragraphs of quotes from the Dear Leader (see original press release) on a story you could have read here a month ago. With these bastions of truth and honesty looking after us, what is there to fear in 2012?


  1. I miss using that tripe of propaganda to line my cats litter tray.

    The serve quote on the crest: they are clearly referring to serving/helping themselves? Personally I’d say they govern by silencing any opinion that doesn’t meet their Labour agenda (well displayed in the paper of tripe) and bullying those that won’t be fobbed off!

  2. I agree with you Darryl in that the crest looks ok but think your motto is far more suitable in terms of how the Council operates. Thankfully GT is no longer delivered to my flat so I have to spend a bit more money on cat litter than I used to before. However reading the online version is always amusing and this week no less so. I see what you mean about the stakeholders although to be fair Steve Nelson is a regular ‘stakeholder’ presumably because he is a friend of the Dear Leader. I did like the article about the Maritime Museum etc being designated as the Royal Museums. Absolute rubbish, they did a rebrand and thought that would be the best way to describe the three sites in the future. I have to agree with them it was the right thing to do. However nothing was bestowed upon them as the article implies. We will be getting the Royal Kebab Shop in East Greenwich next! Or maybe the Royal Dry Cleaners in Charlton.

  3. I just realised there is an error on the crest, it doesn’t have an image of the Dear Leader. Shocking!

  4. Apart from the self-serving nature of the motto doesn’t “we govern by serving” imply that it is the coat of arms of the council and not that of the Borough? If it is a motto for the whole borough who we we collectively govern?

  5. Hmm, it’s a bit ‘busy’ isn’t it – they obviously tried to jam absolutely everything they could think of on there – clearly designed by committee…

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