27 weeks to go: Find out more about Olympic traffic plans

Today marks 27 weeks until the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, and it’s been a busy few days for the preparations. Mind you, I mistook yesterday’s security drill on the Thames for the usual police and army din over these parts and forgot to wander down for a peek…

There’s also been one of the Games’ biggest test events so far at the Dome O2 North Greenwich Arena, with the Visa International Gymnastics tournament ending on Wednesday. If you were around North Greenwich over the past couple of weeks, you can’t have failed to have missed hordes of London Prepares volunteers and the athletes and trainers themselves milling around. It’s a taste of things to come in the summer.

Lewisham Council’s also confirmed its plans for the live site at Blackheath Village I’ve mentioned here in passing a couple of times – although naturally it’s prompted a spectacular outbreak of moaning that’s worth getting the popcorn in for.

(Here’s a true fact: in 1999, I seriously considered buying a flat above the Taste of Raj in Blackheath Village, which is right opposite the proposed live site. For the first time, I’ve had a pang of regret that I didn’t buy that place – although I imagine 12 years of several flights of stairs, the smell of Raj and the noise from weekend pissheads might be a heavy price to pay for having a big screen on my doorstep for three weeks.)

Anyway, this ramble is just to alert you that there’s some public exhibitions taking place today, tomorrow, and next week about the traffic plans for both Woolwich Barracks and “North Greenwich Arena” during the Games. Today from noon-6.30pm and tomorrow from 10am-4pm, LOCOG staff will be at General Gordon Place, Woolwich, to explain what’s happening near there; and on Friday 27th (noon-8pm) and Saturday 28th (10am-4pm) they’ll be at Ravensbourne college to explain what’s happening around the Dome.

Details should also appear at www.london2012.com/accessandparking although there’s not a lot there as I type. I’ll have more here (or at the Charlton Champion) later, hopefully.


  1. Thanks again for the update, I really wouldnlt have had a clue about whas happening around here were it not for your digging.

    Interesting that bloody Woolwich Road is being dug up in the same place for the third time in four months or so. The contraflow is really annpoying. Reckon it will be in place for the olympics? Stll, you Green lot trundle about on your bikes don’t you, so why worry!

    Keep up the digging!

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