Fire drama near east Greenwich schools

Drama in east Greenwich tonight as fire wrecked portable buildings close to schools in Commerell Street. Fire crews were on the scene as I got there, with one officer swinging his weight around with passers-by who’d been led to believe by other officers they weren’t getting in the way. The scene’s now been taped off.

The buildings were on a derelict ex-Greenwich Council site close to Robert Owen Early Years Centre and Christ Church primary school, and across the road from St Joseph’s primary. If you know more, please let me know below. One man at the scene told me he’d been inside the buildings and they’d been used as classrooms and were still full of paper.

(Thanks to commenters below who’ve clarified some of the information here.)


  1. Right – it was nowhere very near Christchurch School – but very close to St.Joseph’s School. It was on land which is owned by a developer -with planning consent for housing, etc.
    I hope very much that it hasn’t seen the demise of the magnolia and quince trees that I had gone to some lengths to ensure were preserved.
    Will put some more on here when I have it.

  2. HI are you sure it is Christ church school. and not ST JOSEPHS? St Joseph is the only school in Commerell street. If it is next to the waste ground that once was a nursery school then it is ST Joseph. Some years ago there was a new extension to the side of the main building which backed onto the old nursery whichI think was named Robert OWEN. I shall know if I am correct when I go to Mass at the Church STJosephs.

  3. Open to be corrected – I tend to get confused about what’s what there – but the fire was over the road from St Joseph’s and Robert Owen.

    Christ Church School’s address is given as 45 Commerell Street, although I’ve always associated it with Blackwall Lane too.

  4. The fire looks like its in the porta-cabin and empty buildings next to Robert Owen Early Years Cente. Christchurch is further down and behind RO, St Jo’s is up the road. The empty buildings have had sqautters in. May be someone lit a fire to keep warm. Lets hope that no one got hurt.

  5. Thanks Amanda – that seems to clear it up for me. I always thought Robert Owen was down towards Pelton Road, and originally thought it was the derelict land, but was thrown by Christ Church’s address being listed as Commerell Street.

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