What’s happening at Greenwich’s Thames Path?

Now spring has arrived, you might be fancying a stroll along the Thames Path. But, yes, great chunks of it around the Greenwich Peninsula are still closed. So here’s a very useful Greenwich Council map which details what’s closed and when it’s reopening (1MB PDF).

Of course, useful info like this isn’t on the council’s website, so instead I’m happy to bring you news the section by the cable car works should be open again next month, and almost all of the walkway will be back in use by July – just in time for the Olympics. It’s all on the map. Fingers crossed this comes to pass.

But there could be more disruption to come – major plans to build student accommodation and shops to the south-west of the Dome include “changes to the adopted alignment of the Thames Footpath”. Unfortunately, there’s no further details on the council’s planning website, but it sounds ominous.


  1. Re re-routing of the Thames path, your link to the council website allows you to click on ‘documents’. The first two drawings show what is intended. The derelict and damaged slipway will go and the path move closer to the water. The first drawing is rather fuzzy but the second is clear.

  2. Figure PQA-004 in the Transport Statement (page 31) provides an even clearer explanation of what’s proposed with the Thames Path. Essentially, shifted west to run alongside the river, at that part just south of the drawdock where it currently angles inland through some scrubby little trees.


    The drawdock is to be retained and repaired – “existing cobbles to be reused” as well as new ones where needed – which is great. It’s a bit sad to lose the slipway, although glad to see it’s being replaced with reed terraces. See p.9 in this related application for the riverfront repairs.


  3. Looks really good – reed beds wide enough to have chance of working wildlife wise – some on east side of peninsular too narrow. But my worry is that looks like at least a six-month closure of that stretch of path. It must be at least three years since anyone could cycle or walk from say Greenwich to – say – the Ecology Park and not expect to be diverted away from the river for some of the way. There’s been the odd month where it has been clear. With all the planned development between Lovell’s and the Dome it looks like another three years of blocked paths unless the council makes it a condition of development that the river path is blocked for minimum time – weeks not months – with crushing fines if they go over the limit. And what about some coordination so the whole path is blocked for say three months and then open in perpetuity?. As someone points out elsewhere – the map is unduly pessimistic at the moment – the path is only blocked between the draw dock and Delta at the moment. But it doesn’t look to me as if they’re working on it so July may be optimistic unless there’s an Olympic edict to have the whole path clear for a few weeks.

  4. Surely Darryl you mean it isn’t on the Council’s “Royal” website …

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