Sing-a-long-a-Peninsula Festival

“If you need a break and you want to escape from your loneliness…”

Less than four months to go to the Olympics, and there’s not much sign on the ground of much happening with the Peninsula Festival – the beach, campsite and concert area that’s due to take over undeveloped bits of land there this summer. Although the menus are taking shape for its sister event, Sail Royal Greenwich.

But there is a website, and there’s a song. Enjoy.


  1. I want to go on a tall ship and go up and down the Thames – but typically these ships are solely for extremely expensive corporate schmoozing.

    Anyone else coming over all queasy at what’s going on? So yes, of course, the Olympics have become primarily a backdrop for a capitalistic feeding frenzy, but for most of us London workers the whole thing is just going to make life and work really, really difficult.

  2. Thought I’d join in on the conversation from our side!

    The fact that the terrain is still empty does not mean there is ‘not much happening’ – we are officially receiving the keys to the beach next week.

    The main festival area will not be built up until July. Before that time, it’s all paperwork, sadly enough.

    Your feedback is appreciated, and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you might have.

  3. @Lucy N – absolutely agree, Lucy! I am seasick with the thought of all the traffic chaos looming; ordinary local folk will experience the Olympics as a frustrating inconvenience I would suspect. And have you seen the day ticket prices for the Peninsula Festival (July 19 – August 12)? The whole Olympic shebang as you say is really only to make the Fat Cats more obese.

  4. Where can you see the prices for the festival? I cant see it on the website or am I looking in the wrong place.

    The tall ships sound amazing but yes, completely out of my price range. Sadly.

  5. Thought I might join in too! Sail Greenwich here… thank you Daren for mentioning our fabulous students at Shooters’ Hill – who throughtly deserve a bit of press with the help of our chefs.
    to answer some comments too.
    You can book from 10 people and prices start at £219 per person for a Tall Ship (the prices will be the same in 3 years when we come back as we don’t see the value in over charging just because it’s the Olympics!)
    That includes the venue hire, cruise, all food and drinks (and parking!) which when you think about it really isnt’ too bad, a cheap wedding reception venue too. Olympic hospitality is 3 times higher, and that’s just to sit and watch a screen in a boring (non-floating) venue.
    As it’s also out of my price range I would suggest finding a nice pub to watch them go by (that’s free!) and with 216 ships in our parade on the 25th of July and 16 Tall Ships on the river everyday until the 12th of August I’d say that was brilliant value! (Unfortunately you have just missed our open boat event on the 17th of March.)
    On our return we also plan to sell B2C! and be open to the public when we are no longer restricted by Olympic ‘conditions’.
    If I can help with anything else let me know or email us at

  6. Makes you wonder where the money that the Council paid them has gone, probably down the drain like a lot of taxpayers money round here

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