Is Kidbrooke Village ashamed of being in ‘Royal Greenwich’?

“People living in Greenwich will want it to say ‘Royal Borough of Greenwich’ on the street sign,” council leader Chris Roberts said two years ago when it was announced Greenwich would become a royal borough.

I’m not quite sure the Dear Leader meant supermarkets should undergo the rebranding as well, but maybe the Greenwich branch of Sainsbury’s is hedging its bets for its planned move out of SE10 into (gasp!) Charlton in a couple of years. Any other examples of companies trying to cash in, I’d love to see them…

To be fair, the street signs are belatedly starting to appear around the borough, with the one above replacing a sign that’d been damaged for 10 years. They’re fast movers at the council.

Indeed, even new wheelie bins have appeared with the “royal” logo. But what about Greenwich Council’s flagship development on the old Ferrier Estate site, Kidbrooke Village? With residents only recently moving in, surely these new places must be brandishing “royal borough” signs?

Nope. Looks like Greenwich Council has surrendered these streets to Berkeley Homes, which has put up its own street signs. Surely considering the close relationship Greenwich Council has with the company – Chris Roberts owns a Berkeley property on Woolwich’s Royal Arsenal development – it would have made sure Kidbrooke Village would have shown off the borough’s prestigious new identity? Or is the “royal” badge really just about promoting the council, rather than its communities?


  1. I think non-standard road signs should be illegal. And also, whoever told the Council that Georgia was a good font should be sacked. But I’m a grumpy old font nazi.

  2. Darryl, I think the answer to your question ‘is the “royal” badge really just about promoting the council, rather than its communities’ is YES….. was there ever any doubt?

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